the x-files project: ep 2:25

the x-files

season 2, episode 25, “anasazi”

aired: 5.19.95

we learn a lot of truths in this episodes. truths that lead to even more questions. this takes the mythology established in the end of season 1 and season two’s “duane barry” trilogy and ramps it way up. we all felt, just like the characters, that it was just a matter of time before the shadowy puppet masters behind the conspiracies decide to put a stop to mulder’s quest. the attempt to debunk his work with scully failed gloriously for them. not only did she join him on the crusade, but she was messed with, too, and wants answers.

they put the plan in place to systematically destroy mulder and his work before he got his hands on the defense department tape. the water in his building was already tainted. the byproduct of which caused an unnecessary and sad death in mulder’s building. my heart breaks at that scene where the old woman has shot her husband. when we find out it is because of the laced water it makes this dangerous secret government group all the more evil. the lengths they go to silence one person is horrifying. mulder receiving the classified files kicks their plan into high gear. we see the cigarette smoking man get quite nervous about the location of the files. mulder must have come across something very serious for him to lose his cool.

we get to learn a little more about csm and are introduced to the syndicate. i first saw them in the movie, “fight the future,” but i did not know they were so deeply involved in the mythology at the time. and during this rewatch, i am surprised they showed up so early in the series and lasted so long. pleasantly surprised, though. shadowy government consortiums make for good drama. then there’s the whopper of the reveals: mulder’s father is in on the conspiracy with the syndicate! that was a nice scene with bill mulder and csm. mr. mulder has been living with the shame of carrying the secret and csm is fueled by it. the well manicured man is a great addition. he seems to be as nefarious as csm, but is so polite and british. it’s an interesting dynamic.

so mulder goes a little crazy, tripping on LSD and scully is running around trying to pick up the pieces. it’s sad to see mulder in this state and even sadder to have scully try so hard to help him and have him mistrust her in return. how devastated must she have felt when he accuses her of being their informant, “making your little notes!” ouch, harsh. thank god for level-headed scully and that big old brain of hers. she figures everything out and stops mulder from destroying himself. she has to actually shoot him at one point, though. she does that so mulder won’t be implicated in his father’s murder because it was actually krycek that killed his father! the epic reveals just keep on coming. if you didn’t totally hate krycek after “ascension” then you have to hate him now or you might not have a heart, at all.

scully is finally able to detox mulder and decipher some more of the encrypted files. in which she finds her name along with duane barry’s and references to some sort of test. as much as she wants to discover these truths for mulder, she needs to discover them for herself, too.

it all ends with a heck of a cliffhanger. i’m so glad i did not have to wait an entire summer to see if mulder survived.

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

the thinker. you know mulder and him would’ve been best buds if they’d have had the chance.

appearances by the lone gunmen are always welcome.

omg, the mulder-skinner fight. intense.

i love the character of albert hosteen.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

“the truth is out there” is replaced with the navajo translation at the end of the opening credits.

creator chris carter plays an FBI agent. i read that gillian anderson could not stop laughing in that scene and i really really want that to be true.

shipper’s corner:

scully lies to protect mulder.

the hug/catch as mulder falls through her door. and how she takes care of him. (somebody had to take his clothes off at some point…)

notable quotables:

m: “you have my files and you have my gun. don’t ask me for my trust.” *wince*

csm: “regret is an inevitable consequence of life.”

albert: “in the desert, things find a way to survive. secrets are like this, too. they push their way up through the sands of deception so men can know them.” i liked the navajo parallels.

albert and csm: “nothing vanishes without a trace.”



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