the x-files project: ep 3:1

the x-files

season 3, episode 1, “the blessing way”

aired: 9.22.95

well, kudos to the writers for keeping the action and the tensions high after a full summer hiatus. in between the hokey spiritual scenes and speeches there is a lot going on. scully seems lost without mulder and out of the bureau. you can tell she doesn’t think mulder is dead, though. she doesn’t even have to say it. but, without the FBI she doesn’t have the resources she had during the recent chaos. she’s discovering more and more injustices as she goes along and can do very little to fight it. she finds a computer chip has been implanted in her neck. skinner seems to be more of an adversary than an ally. she is warned by the well manicured man that someone will come after her. she finds support and comfort in places she never has before. she retreats to her younger self and goes to her mom for some good ol’ motherly consoling. she goes to her sister and gets a spiritual take on what’s happened to her. she goes to the hypnotist her sister recommends. she has a late night chat with frohike. she even tries to appeal to skinner, who may not even be on her and mulder’s side. she’s grasping at straws; she’s desperate.

meanwhile, mulder is being brought back from certain death by albert hosteen and his tribe. there are similar scenes to when scully’s life was hanging in the balance. it’s a chance for the writers to bring back great characters with which we didn’t get enough time. like scully’s dad in “one breath,” we get mulder’s father and deep throat. albeit, mulder is floating in space in a bed of pine branches. hence my hokey description from earlier. scully floating on the boat was a much better approach.

scully’s paranoia about skinner being the person that the well manicured man warned her about becomes more likely when she sees him come out of her apartment building. she calls and confronts him, but we see that he can’t explain himself because csm is there. we as the audience are privy to the fact that it is not skinner who was sent to kill scully, but krycek and some other goon. krycek has become this errand boy for the syndicate doing their dirty work and he’s loving it, too. he was upset about killing the wrong person for about 2.5 seconds. so when scully holds skinner at gunpoint it is highly tense. and then ends in another great cliffhanger.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

really, scully? that silk top and those shoes?

her evil eye to skinner when he says “don’t think this hasn’t been difficult for everyone.” oh no he didn’t!

the floating mulder bush!

i was really digging the many synonyms for scully be suspended. “summary action.” “insubordination.” “relieved of your investigative function.”

mulder almost dies and he comes out cracking jokes, “that’s really going to cut into my social life.”

i love dramatic last looks before someone leaves the room.

yay, profanity scully’s back: “don’t turn around or i’ll blow your head off. don’t think i won’t, you son of a bitch.” such a bad ass.

loved that wmm and scully had a scene together. it’s usually mulder that meets with the shadowy government figures.

of course there are hippie dippie rocks by melissa’s phone.

shipper’s corner:

“i’ve returned from the dead to continue with you.” now that’s love.

notable quotables:

frohike: “a redwood among mere srpouts.”

s: “threatened enough to murder?” wmm: “oh my, yes.”


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