the x-files project: ep 3:3

the x-files

season 3, episode 3, “dpo”

aired: 10.6.95

this episode might not be that great had it not been for the casting of some unknowns. unknown at the time, but now household names. giovanni ribisi in the title role and jack black as his friend. ribisi has a lot to work with as a loser who can control lightning. black has a small role, but plays it really well. he’s super believable as an arcade dude. his short scene with scully is really understated, but so nuanced. and the premise is pretty cool. the murder weapon is lightning? enter our agents freshly reinstated to the x-files division of the FBI. the answers are in those files, mulder said. any episode after the adrenaline rush that was this last 3-part mythology arc is naturally going to suffer. it does drag a bit with the unrequited love darren has for his teacher, but it’s not bad.

it begins with mulder kind of being a dick, letting scully take the skeptical brunt of the local sheriff. i guess he gets tired of being the one with the crazy theories and being mocked by other law enforcement officials. but, it’s pretty rude to just let scully get berated, especially after all she just did for him. what the hell, man? “feel free to jump in any time.” poor scully. despite this, scully just seems really glad to be back and to be doing their work. work that is not solely mulder’s now. they investigate darren, who was at the scene of the murder and was the only survivor of one of the many local lightning attacks. it consists of a lot of nice moments, but kind of loses steam even at the climax. although, nice little capper with the credits gag: showing chris carter’s executive producer credit on the tv with darren’s reflection.

rating: 3 or D3PO? no? ok.

wandering thoughts:

that’s a big ass lens crafters in that strip mall.

making fun of mulder’s porno collection: “surprised you haven’t already read that issue.”

hey, there’s a felton, oklahoma?

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

mulder finds mrs. kaveat’s photo in the pages of a dirty magazine. the actress that plays mrs. kaveat was actually playboy’s playmate of the year in 1982.

filter’s song ‘hey man, nice shot’ plays in this episode. the front man is richard patrick, younger brother of robert patrick, who plays agent doggett in seasons 8 and 9.

shipper’s corner:

major flirting over the shoe casting. “that’s great. now can you make me a little cherub that squirts water?” scully is loving it.

notable quotables:

s: “are we supposed to charge him with assaulting a cellular phone?” ah, cop humor, nice, scully.



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