the x-files project: ep: 3:7

the x-files

season 3, episode 7, “the walk”

aired: 11.10.95

and the level of suck continues with “the walk.” there is at least one of these mediocre military episodes in every season. is it my own disinterest in the military aspect or do they really kind of blow? perhaps it’s because they try to make some sort of political comment, but then can’t really in order to avoid controversy. after the perfunctory clash with military personnel, the general ends up leaning on the agents for help with this phantom on a killing spree. the ghostly murder scenes are effectively scary. being attacked by an invisible entity in the pool is pretty frightening. also, they kill a child with a sand monster. yeah, this is so not for kids. apart from some scary scenes, there’s just not much of viewer value here. it’s just another paranormal revenge case which we just saw in “the list.”

rating: 1.5

wandering thoughts:

only scully would pass mulder a skeptical note.

scully may not know why they are there or what mulder’s interest in the case is, but she’ll be damned if they don’t let her investigate it properly!

stanford! i didn’t know he was in two “x-files” episodes.

mulder brings along dental plates because he suspects astral projection. what a hopeful little dork.

i was waiting for a phantom limb parallel to be made. thanks, mulder.

is it just me or the fact that this episode sucks that makes mulder’s ending monlogue sounds kind of like jerry’s final thoughts?

shipper’s corner:

mulder is so turned on by scully straight up dominating that female captain.

when rappo directs a sexual insinuation towards scully, mulder physically steps in between rappo and scully and gets in his face. don’t you dare make advances at my scully. i don’t care if you have no arms or legs!

notable quotables:

m: “no sleepwalking.”

m: “sometimes the only sane response to an insane world is insanity.”


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