the x-files project: ep 3:8

the x-files

season 3, episode 8, “oubilette”

aired: 11.17.95

it’s these episodes that make me glad i didn’t watch “the x-files” when it was on. i was 14 in 1995 and practically scared of my own shadow (but, not in a “soft light” kind of way). i was just a fearful kid. episodes of “unsolved mysteries” would keep me up at night. there was no way i could have handled this show then. i would’ve been scared off for good if i had seen “oubilette” when it first aired. in 1993, 12 year old polly klaas was abducted from her home and murdered. this took place about 100 miles from where i lived. she was the same age as me. this frightened me to no end. she was having a slumber party with her friends and a man came in with a knife, tied up her friends, and took her. it made me feel that there was no such thing as being safe from predators, not even in your own home. this episode brings all those fears back. the crime here is not paranormal. these crimes happen in our real world all the time. it’s not science fiction. the supernatural scary stuff that happens on the show doesn’t scare me too much because it doesn’t relate to my own little world.

sometimes i factor in the ability to give me a good scare into my critique of something. if a book can bring me to tears, that almost always garners a high review. it made me feel something so intensely as to illicit a physical reaction. in this case, the fact that this episode really and truly scared me doesn’t mean i like it. maybe for the same reason i have no desire to watch law and order: svu. i would like to limit seeing fictional realizations of real life evils. so there’s that and the poor representation of scully’s character. not gillian anderson’s acting, but what the storytellers gave her to work with. most of the episode her actions and reactions don’t ring true to her character. it’s one of those episodes that they make her way too skeptical and not open to the possibilities at all. even when they are blatantly obvious. and playing the samantha card seems manipulative. i hate that scully thinks that any case involving a missing young girl will overwhelm him to the point of not being able to behave rationally (at least, rational in mulder standards). it unfairly marginalizes his character. mulder says it best, “not everything i do and say and feel goes back to my sister.” of course scully knows that. she knows him better than anyone and for her to be portrayed otherwise feels false. this was a device the writers used to try to add even more angst and heartache in a story that is already considerably tragic.

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

scully, those shoulder pads are enormous.

the “rear window” photography flash scene would be cool if the subject matter wasn’t so awful.

i’m glad scully is nice at the end, crediting mulder for saving amy.

notable quotables:

s: “that’s spooky.” m: “that’s my name, isn’t it?”


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2 Responses to the x-files project: ep 3:8

  1. I think it was important to establish that Mulder is capable of being driven by something other than his missing sister, in this case his affection for humanity in general, but I don’t think the writers handled it in an effective way. Instead of Scully antagonizing Mulder, she very well could have simply drawn him to the side and gently asked if it was about his sister in genuine concern, something much more Scully-like.
    The one thing I did really love about this overall disappointing episode was the scene at the end where you can really see the pain and loss in Mulder, grieving for the cruel but selfless end of someone who has already suffered so much.
    Also that Kaylee from Firefly was in it.
    This ended up way longer than I meant it and I apologize.

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