the x-files project: ep 3:10

the x-files

season 3, episode 10, “731”

aired: 12.1.95

“nisei” brought up a lot of questions and “731” answers them. but are those answers the truth or lies? is what the figure they are seeing a disfigured human or an alien? sometimes the “proof” can be subjective. everything the elder tells and shows scully supports what she wants to believe. everything mulder sees supports what he wants to believe. but what is the truth? i thought this was a compelling way to give the audience answers, but keep them in the dark at the same time. as much as we want to know the secrets, it’s more fun for the secrets to be kept from us. i think that’s the reason “lost” did so well. did we ever figure out about that smoke monster?

there’s a nice continuation from “paper clip” of the storyline about the nazi scientists doing alien experiments with the japanese doctors performing tests on lepers. scully’s visit to the hansen’s disease facility is incredibly sad as is the mass execution scene from the beginning. it’s sad because atrocities like this exist in our own history. mulder thinks these horrors are being used to cover up the truth of the experiments on aliens. scully thinks fabricating the alien story that mulder believes is covering up those horrors. “don’t you see mulder, you’re doing their work for them. you’re chasing aliens that aren’t there, helping them to create the story that covers the shameful truth. and what they can’t cover they apologize for. apology has become policy.” “maybe you’re right, scully. but i don’t need an apology for the lies. i don’t care about the fictions they create to cover their crimes. i want them held accountable for what did happen. i want them to apologize for the truth.” they both want the same thing. justice. reparations. accountability. but, when they refer to the truth and the lies they are both meaning different things. their definitions of the truth and the lies are disparate. thus the audience is kept in the dark and so are the agents, although they don’t know it.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

i studied french in high school, too!

agent pendrell is crushing hard on scully. aren’t we all?

in “nisei” mulder says “i get tired of losing my gun” and then proceeds to lose his gun twice.

i love the character of the elder. there’s a great shot of him standing in the middle of the bright white light of the train car.

bad ass image of mr. x carrying mulder away from the train as it explodes.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

the tagline is changed from “the truth is out there” to “apology is policy.”

notable quotables:

s: “i don’t have time for your convenient ignorance.”

pendrell: “keep it up yourself? what a doof.”

m: “you haven’t seen america ’til you’ve seen it from a train.”

m: “tick, tick, scully.


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