the x-files project: ep 3:11

the x-files

season 3, episode 11, “revelations”

aired: 12.15.95

“the x-files’ often uses religion to swap mulder and scully as believer and skeptic. it’s the one unexplained thing that scully has always believed in. if she’s going to believe then mulder is going to have to be the skeptic. the writer’s seem to think that it only works if they are in opposition. this episode is almost a role reversal of “oubilette.” scully feels she needs to protect kevin just as much as mulder felt he needed to protect lucy. mulder can’t understand how scully can put faith in these religious theories and scully didn’t support mulder’s argument about lucy’s connection with amy. maybe there are cases that come along that they need to work out on their own. mulder’s convictions help him to save amy and scully’s help her save kevin. maybe the journey of these cases are only meant for the one of them, not both.

mulder kind of relishes the opportunity to be on the other side of the argument. challenging her theories just as she does with him. he even starts a sentence with “are you suggesting…” scully gets frustrated with it once, but mostly i think she’s confused herself as to why she’s taking the role of believer. she hesitates before telling him that she believes in miracles. she realizes how it sounds. for someone who holds science so sacred to accept the unexplained without proof can be seen as hypocritical. “i believe he can create miracles, yes.” she knows she’s betraying her normal stance on things by admitting that, but she does believe in god and she’s not going to be false about it. scully goes to confession at the end of the episode. she needs to reflect on the things she saw, what she believes to be god’s miracles to someone that doesn’t know her skeptical history. i think a lot of the things she’s seen during her time at the FBI and on the x-files has worn her down to where she is willing to put faith in something unexplained rather than fighting it every step of the way. i think fear has a lot to do with her willingness to be open to it. she tells the priest she’s “afraid that god is speaking, but that no one’s listening.”

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

industrial paper shredder death. cool.

shipper’s corner:

he helps her with her coat.

notable quotables:

s: “mulder, would you do me a favor? would you smell mr. jarvis?”

m: “they give bona fide paranoids like me like me a bad name.” ahh, is that why he never believes the religious stuff?

m: “you never draw my bath.”

s: “how is it you’re able to go out on a limb whenever you see a light in the sky, but you’re unwilling to accept the possibility of a miracle?” m: “i wait for a miracle everyday. but, what i’ve seen here has only tested my patience, not my faith.”


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