the x-files project: ep 3:9

the x-files

season 3, episode 9, “nisei”

aired: 11.24.95

“nisei” is the beginning of a two-parter that together with “731” can feel like a feature film. much like how “fight the future” was a really long mythology episode with more action. they give us a lot in these episodes, but not in the way of answers. mulder and scully are mostly separated during these two episodes. each pursuing the same truths on different paths. and that speaks to their personal philosophies on finding the answers and whether or not to believe them when they do. “believing’s the easy part, mulder. i just need more than you. i need proof.” “you think that believing is easy?” this exchange perfectly sums up their oppositions. mulder makes a good point. it may seem that believing everything is easy, but it can’t be. “i want to believe” and “trust no one” are mutually exclusive, yet mulder subscribes to both tenets. by opening himself up to the possibilities he becomes vulnerable to the lies. scully’s approach is no cake walk either. constantly being confronted with things that cannot be proven, but needing that most of all. following questions with only more questions can be draining. scully asks where mulder got the photograph of the japanese scientists and he replies, “from someone like you who wants proof but is also willing to believe.” together they make a team that has both of these qualities. that’s why they need each other. not only to balance each other out, but to make up for what the other can’t bring themselves to provide.

rating: 4.5

wandering thoughts:

“that’s not your usual brand of entertainment.” wait a beat. she is so satisfied with herself that she can always find a way to make fun of his porn collection.

alien autopsy is a great name for a band. there is a fictional band called that in “ghost world.”

mulder rolls his eyes after skinner orders them to return to washington, like he’s a teenager.

mulder in a turtleneck and frohike in a furry vest? in one room? i can’t even…

chills. literal chills when the MUFON women recognize scully. the information they give her and how it aligns with the clues she has about what happened to her must have been overwhelming for her.

they hold some sort of skeptic intervention.

cancer precursor.

love their references to “paper clip.”

1st appearance of agent pendrell.

did pendrell just drop the term “apps” in 1995?

notable quotables:

s: “mulder, this is even hokier than the one they aired on the fox network.”

m:”it’s widely held that aliens don’t have blood, scully.” duh.

m: “i get tired of losing my gun.”

s: “mulder, don’t get on that train.”  



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