the x-files project: ep 3:13

the x-files

season 3, episode 13, “syzygy”

aired: 1.26.96

this episode works on many levels, but i think what makes it most fun is that mulder and scully are actually affected by the paranormal phenomenon rather than just investigating it. a planetary alignment is wreaking havoc on a small town which is in a “cosmic g-spot.” the whole town has gone crazy, but two girls born in a specific cosmic year are having the energies focused on them. the town is called comity which means friendship, with the motto, “the perfect harmony city.” when the cosmos start messing with that harmony things are turned upside down.

mulder and scully are exhibiting odd behavior, as well. the town psychic says “relationships are going to suck.” and theirs really, really sucks. scully becomes irritable and impatient with mulder. mulder becomes easily distracted. they bicker throughout the whole episode. scully’s jealousy comes out. we saw a little of it in the last episode and it’s unclear if the cosmic happenings are exaggerating it or creating it here. mulder’s preoccupation with the town’s detective is fueling that jealousy. their squabbles are a thing of beauty. we know they aren’t acting like themselves, so we are not worried about their partnership. we are able to enjoy the comedy of it.

the mulder and scully dynamic is at the heart of this story, although the plot is driven by the actions of the two teenage girls, much like how the cosmos are centered on them. the whole plot line reminded me a bit of “heathers.” murderous teenagers with their own little catchphrases. the climactic end when they confront each other at the police station is well executed. the music, the guns firing off, and the close-ups of the girls smirking at each other all worked cinematically. mulder and scully put them in a room together and as soon as the clock strikes midnight, all is well. case solved?

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

young ryan reynolds!

i never realized the actress that played terri played laurie foreman on “that ’70s show.”

one of scully’s favorite pastimes is spouting off facts and figures of the FBI’s study on the invalidity of the occult.

i feel like their phrase, “hate him. wouldn’t want to date him” is like gretchen in “mean girls” trying to make “fetch” happen.

i knew retractable bleachers were dangerous!

“we’ve been working together for, what, two years now? we have differing opinions, but i didn’t expect you to ditch me?” really, scully? he ditches you ALL the time. his face when he says “i didn’t ditch you” is priceless.

mulder really enjoys when scully finishes spouting off her rumor panic theory and then some one yells, “i found bones!”

fantastic exchange when she’s complaining to mulder about his behavior and he’s smelling her to see if she’s wearing the perfume he smells. and we all know it’s from the town’s pediatrician who secretly dresses in drag. “i am not going to be humiliated by you, in front of you, or by having to bring a teenage girl on her birthday of all days to identify the bones of her dead dog, mr. tippy. i see no reason to pursue this case any further, and not only that, i find your conduct and your comportment in this case not just alarming, but highly objectionable. what are you doing?!”

learned a new word! comportment: personal bearing or conduct; demeanor; behavior. watching “the x-files” totally improves your vocabulary.

the bloody mary myth really freaked me out as a teen. but, i thought the room had to be completely dark for it to work?

scully’s irrtated smoking is the best thing ever.

even though i know they aren’t acting like themselves, i feel so bad for scully walking in on detective white and mulder. her body language as she walks to the car is sad and defeated. he says, “it’s not what you think.” and she lets him off the hook, “i didn’t see anything anyways.”

mulder sends detective white with scully. what a dick.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

syzygy is a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies. syzygy is also a term used by carl jung to mean a union of opposites.

shipper’s corner:

an actual married couple bickering over directions.

when she says she’s leaving the next morning, he sighs and leans against the wall like someone in love.

i don’t mind that they are mean to each other in this episode because the astrological forces are causing relationships “to suck.” so, actually the extent of their clashing signifies the strength of their relationship.

when detective white starts coming on to mulder, he desperately tries to dissuade her.

as soon as it turns midnight they are back to being on the same wavelength, speaking in perfect unison, “put that gun down!”

notable quotables:

m: “you don’t suppose she’s a virgin, do you?” s: “i doubt she’s even a blond.” zing!

s: “sure. fine. whatever.”

m: “first of all, i’d like to apologize for my partner’s behavior. she tends to be rather rigid, but rigid in a wonderful way. not like she was today.”

m: “i was hoping you could help me try to solve the mystery of the horny beast.”

m: “be my guest. i know how much you love snapping on the latex.”

m: “this might not be any time to mention it, but someone is wearing my favorite perfume.”

s: “why do you always have to drive? because you’re the guy? the big macho man?” sing it, sister! m: “no, i was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals.” i love feminist!scully.

s: “i’ve got your suspect and you’ve got mine and why does that make sense to me at this point?”

m: “you just ran a stop sign back there, scully.” s: “shut up mulder.” m: “sure. fine. whatever.”


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2 Responses to the x-files project: ep 3:13

  1. I love this episode so much. Bickering couples like this are hilarious, especially when they’re not quite a couple yet. 😛
    I also love the theme of the cosmos centering around two teenage girls. When you’re a teenager, the cosmos really does seem to revolve around you. Here, we can see that if this were actually the case, it would majorly suck.

    • yes, it makes it better that they are not a quite a couple yet, actually. added angst and awkwardness.
      a lot of people didn’t like the two girls, but i thought they did well. it really captured teenagers trying to get a handle on their feelings in the face of so much drama accentuated by the cosmos.

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