the x-files project: ep 3:14

the x-files

season 3, episode 14, “grotesque”

aired: 2.2.96

i kept getting “hannibal” vibes during my rewatch of this. the murders were artistic. i think hannibal would’ve appreciated it, but the killer was not really a person motivated to kill, it’s an entity working through unsuspecting people. we are led to believe that one of those people is mulder. mulder is requested to assist on the case by a well known FBI profiler, patterson, who instructed mulder when he came to the academy. he ridicules mulder for his interest in the paranormal, but brings him on because of it. unbeknownst to mulder, of course. he knows that mulder can get into the killer’s (or entity’s) mind, no matter how horrific it will be. much like will graham in “hannibal.” mulder does get a bit too wrapped up in this case which worries scully. he’s wallpapering his apartment with gargoyle drawings, having sleepovers at the crime scene, and stealing evidence. scully confronts patterson and he tells her to let him descend into the darkness. yeah, she’s not going to let that happen. mulder would’ve certainly been engulfed by that darkness so many times if it weren’t for her. they have solved cases together without resorting to that tactic. patterson tells her not to hold him back. i think that is an actual fear of hers, holding him back. she voices that fear in the movie, “fight the future.” but, she cares too much about mulder to give in to that fear. mulder figures out that patterson is actually the person possessed by the demonic force, in the end.

rating: 3

wandering thoughts:

patterson tells mulder, “strange company you keep,” referring to scully. dick. and she had just complimented him.

patterson taught mulder that to know an artist you have to look at the art and to know a monster you have to become one yourself. and i’m thinking will graham, will graham, will graham.

the cat attacking scully is totally foreshadowing teso dos bichos, haha. and i love how she says, “i thought it was one of these pictures coming to life.”

nemhauser tells scully that patterson would tell him mulder stories about what a crack genius he is and scully kind of rolls her eyes.

the shots of mulder reading in that library. my bookish heart just about exploded.

the faces were in deep shadow to mimic the gargoyles. this episode won an emmy for best cinematography, actually.

looking sharp in that pinstripe pant suit, sculls.

scully and skinner are both worried about mulder. awww.

the score was a bit of a departure from the normally subtle tones. kind of heavy handed, in my opinion.

oh man, i liked nemhauser. not a good way to go. the shot of his mutilated face in the clay is one that always stuck with me as scary and disturbing.

shipper’s corner:

when she finds out patterson requested mulder on this case to possibly mess with him. she’s pissed and confronts him. nobody messes with mulder.

she tells mulder that they are going to work it out together.

he helps her up when she gets knocked down.


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