the x-files project: ep 3:16

the x-files

season 3, episode 16, “apocrypha”

aired: 2.16.96

the second part of this mytharc twosome has a little more meat on its bones than its progenitor. “piper maru” was setting it up and “apocrypha” starts spiking them down. i’m not sure why i used a volleyball metaphor, but there you go. skinner was shot by the same person who murdered melissa and krycek returns infected by the black oil. although, this episode ties up some of those loose ends, we are still left with some big questions. it wouldn’t be “the x-files” if it didn’t.

we find that mulder’s father and csm were involved in the first discovery of the alien black oil and the syndicate plays a major role in covering up the current exposure of it. meanwhile the black oil entity is chilling in krycek’s body, so everyone’s on the hunt for the rat boy. “is anybody not looking for krycek?” scully exclaims. mulder and scully are doing their best to protect skinner who is still in danger as he recovers in the hospital. mulder, in trying to track down krycek, unknowingly calls the syndicate’s private number. the well manicured man meets him, but mulder ends up giving him more information than getting any in return. for once they are one step ahead of the nefarious black organization. but, not for long, of course. mulder is able to get into the locker where the digital tape is with the help of the lone gunmen in a lovely scene involving iceskating. alas, they recover only the cassette case. csm ultimately gets possession of the tape and ends up being able to cover up the black oil threat for the moment. krycek gets stuck in a silo “eliminating” the black oil from his body. at least some sort of justice comes to the resolution of melissa’s case and the attempt on skinner’s life. scully is able to catch the shooter and apprehend him. but, someone else is responsible for the ultimate justice that befalls him. he is found dead in his cell. it doesn’t provide much peace for scully. the justice she seeks and what she feels the dead are owed is exposing the truth and that is always just out of their grasp.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

mulder and scully care about skinner a lot. it’s lovely to see their compassion for him even when they are so consumed fighting their own battles.

pendrell represents all scully fans.

mulder theorizing the intelligent attributes of the oil. “i know how it sounds.” he is able to surmise its ability to body jump. he really is perceptive, isn’t he?

that ice skating scene? who comes up with this stuff?

i really love how mulder inadvertently calls the syndicate.

it takes everything scully has not to kill luis cardinal.

gorgeous flashlight work in the silos.

the scene where krycek is expelling the black oil is just, ew. puking it up from not only his mouth, but his nose and his eyes?? that shit is crazy.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

1013 and 1121 sightings! 1121 is the flight mulder and krycek take back to washington. 1013 is the silo that krycek gets locked in and where the spaceship is stored.

shipper’s corner:

of course scully is there when mulder wakes up in the hospital. and he is so grateful that hers is the first face he sees.

mulder put his hand on her arm and shoulder several times as they run from the military police.

omg, mulder brings flowers to melissa’s grave. how effing sweet is he? he puts his hand on her shoulder and they walk arm in arm for a bit.

notable quotables:

s: “i’ve seen stranger things, believe me.” pendrell: “i believe she has.”


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