the x-files project: ep 3:18

the x-files

season 3, episode 18, “teso dos bichos”

aired: 3.8.96

this is one of those episodes that is so bad it becomes almost culty. and the jokes in it and about it are hilarious. it’s not an episode where they are poking fun at themselves. they intended it to be a serious case. let’s review. an ancient urn is excavated in ecuador that sets off a curse and releases a jaguar spirit that causes a slew of rat deaths and our agents to be attacked by an army of feral cats. just like mulder keeps telling scully, “go with it.” you really do just have to roll with it. don’t try to understand it. just enjoy the ridiculousness. the previous episode “pusher” was a figurative cat and mouse game and this is a literal one. and it doesn’t work.

rating: 2 (for laughs)

wandering thoughts:

the policeman doesn’t know how to tag the dead rat found in the car and scully says, impatiently, “partial rat body part.” i love her.

mulder will stick his hand in anything, but he’s disgusted when some blood falls on his cheek.

scully autopsies the intestine. the last meal was corn chowder and sunflower seeds. “a man of taste.”

hahaha, scully says, “bilac’s been trippin'” and that lights up my life. granted it’s not the full sentence, but in my mind it is.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

gillian anderson is allergic to cats. that’s why they used cat puppets when she gets attacked. it really adds to the ludicrousness.

shipper’s corner:

mulder helps scully up.

notable quotables:

s: “cat ate the mouse.” m: “dog ate the act.” the x-files does dr. seuss.

m: “go with it, scully.”

s: “mulder, have you been drinking yaje?”

m: “ladies first.” s: “nope.”



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