the x-files project: ep 3:19

the x-files

season 3, episode 19, “hell money”

aired: 3.29.96

where as “teso dos bichos” was so bad it was almost good (i said “almost.”), “hell money” is just a snooze fest. apart from one cute, flirty moment between mulder and scully, i could do without watching this episode ever again. it’s not so terrible that it makes me mad, like “space,” it’s just boring and forgettable.

rating: 1

wandering thoughts:

a young lucy liu credited as lucy alexis liu.

i don’t understand their bingo game.

“this is one man that left his heart in san francisco.” joke!scully has been hanging around mulder too long. she is so proud of this bad joke and mulder is, too.

shipper’s corner:

s: “do you know how much the human body is worth, mulder?” m: “depends on the body.” he says to her super suggestively. she’s down.


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this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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