the x-files project: ep 3:22

the x-files

season 3, episode 22, “quagmire”

aired: 5.3.96

mulder’s ultimate quest is fueled by a simple hope that the truth is out there. how else could he continue his search when proof slips through his fingers time and time again. that’s why he spends his saturday looking for a loch ness monster type creature and dragging scully along for the ride. he will take every opportunity if it means a chance of getting solid evidence. usually this is much to scully’s chagrin. naturally, he doesn’t tell scully that what they are investigating is a sea monster. sometimes he tricks her into going on these adventures. he can’t do this job alone anymore. he’s come to rely on her point of view, even if it conflicts with his. scully won’t let him know it, but she is happy to feel needed and to join him on his truth seeking escapades. she will feign irritation (and she is truly irritated a lot of the time), but deep down she wants to be there.

this episode contains what is now referred to as the famous ‘conversation on the rock’ (COTR). when their misadventures get them shipwrecked and stranded on a rock in the middle of the lake in the middle of the night, they take the opportunity to just chat, like two friends. they tease each other and joke and let their professionalism go for a moment. scully tells mulder about how her father read her moby dick and that she called him ‘ahab’ and he called her ‘starbuck’ and that’s why she named her dog ‘qeequeg.’ it was the harpoonist in moby dick. scully tells mulder that he is ahab. “you’re so consumed by your personal vengeance against life, whether it be its inherent cruelties or its mysteries, that everything takes on a warped significance to your megalomaniacal cosmology.” mulder replies “scully, are you coming on to me?” he could take that as an insult, but he doesn’t. he takes it as a compliment that she knows him so well. he doesn’t take offense. he knows that despite her complaining, she wants to be there with him.

they finally get “rescued” from the rock. actually they find out they could have walked to shore. mulder wants the local law enforcement to search a certain area, but they want to focus the resources where the last attack was. scully forcefully asks for the assistance that mulder is requesting. she feels sorry for him and his ahab-iness. she knows he can’t help himself. mulder finds and shoots an alligator. and everyone is happy to believe that it is the monster they’ve been searching for. mulder is disheartened. his white whale has eluded him once again. he pouts,”i wanted big blue to be real. i guess i see hope in such a possibility.” scully, despite her inherent dissenting opinion, does not want mulder to lose his hope. “well, there’s still hope. that’s why these myths and stories have endured. people want to believe.” she doesn’t understand it and it drives her crazy most of the time, but it’s a part of what makes mulder tick and makes him so unique and what she has come to appreciate about him.

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

RIP queegueg.

scully is rocking the pinstripes this season.

i want to go to that bait and tackle shop. i would so buy a souvenir mug.

the ‘show us your bobbers’ hat, though.

those stoner kids really get around. they were in “war of the coprophages.”

this episode has a total “jaws” feel to it, cinematically.

scully is the cutest dog owner ever.

jeez, mulder, let her grieve the death of her dog.

when they talk about cannibalism my mind immediately jumps to “hannibal” now.

scully compares mulder to ahab. scully plays ahab’s wife in in the mini series of “moby dick.” the casting gods ship it.

they must feel so stupid that they were in walking distance of the shore the whole time.

darin morgan is all over this episode. he gets credit as story editor. you can tell he must have contributed to the COTR scene.

shipper’s corner:

this is the second time this season that they are an actual married couple bickering in the car. “you know how i feel about kennels.”

mulder offers to go with her when she takes out queequeg.

scully, mulder just quoted your favorite book. marry him!

“hope i didn’t interrupt anything.” no, just a super shippy moment, gagh!

notable quotables:

s: “then i grew up and became a scientist.”

m: “are fish also known for eating half and saving half for later?” i think i laugh way too hard at this joke.

mulder quoting moby dick: “hell is an idea first born on an undigested apple dumpling.”

s: “well, captain, what now?”



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3 Responses to the x-files project: ep 3:22

  1. Favorite part: The duck. “I kinda want to shoot it anyway”
    Least favorite: Qeequeg ;3;

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