the x-files project: ep 3:24

the x-files

season 3, episode 24, “talitha cumi”

aired: 5.17.96


i find this to be one of the weaker season finales of the show, if not the weakest. the mythology started to lose a bit of its appeal for me in the last two-parter, “piper maru/apocrypha.” in “talitha cumi” it continues its decline for me. there are too many unbelievable scenarios. and not in the cool “x-files” unbelievable way. the whole business about everyone wanting to get their hands on the alien killing device was preposterous. couldn’t any thing sharp that could puncture the base of the neck work? they say bullets won’t work. ok, but what about an awl? an icepick? and why would mulder’s mother be trying to find it all of a sudden. and why does csm want it so bad? it seems like the alien bounty hunter is after jeremiah smith. does csm want it to kill jeremiah smith? why does he hold jeremiah smith prisoner? they have a couple of boring talks. i guess it’s because by jeremiah smith performing his healing power it risks exposure to the project. it’s cool that smith shapeshifted into deep throat and bill mulder, but i couldn’t even really follow what they were talking about because it was so dull. and then, with no explanation, jeremiah smith is gone. did they let him go? did he escape? there’s just too many questions that come up out of the absurdity of the plot, not interesting questions that come from the smart and imaginative mythology scripts we’ve had up until now. the colonization thing comes up a couple of times and a reference to a date being set is mentioned. this thread of the mytharc continues until the series finale where the date is revealed. jeremiah smith even comes back in season eight. so this episode, lousy as it is, sets up some story lines that we will continue to see for the rest of the series.

notice how i didn’t even talk about mulder or scully, yet? overall, my impression of the episode was that the plot was ridiculous and many parts were tedious. but, i don’t want to discount the storyline involving mulder. it’s just that the bad outweighed the good. learning of the history that csm and mulder’s mother share is a very interesting twist. having mulder confront csm in the hospital was astounding. he’s in such a vulnerable place, worrying about his mom and he sees csm and he just charges him with uncontrollable animosity. these scenes and the ones involving mulder and his mom and the parts with scully are engaging, but those are too few and far between to make this a satisfying episode.

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

i love how loving and caring mulder is towards his mom.

jeremiah smith gets the silence of the lambs treatment, strapped to a dolly.

there’s a souvenir spoon collection at mulder’s parents lake house. i had a spoon collection.

having mulder and mr. x stand in front of a no smoking sign was a nice touch. their discussion turns into a pretty rough fight, too.

the alien bounty hunter is kind of like a terminator. no matter what you do he keeps coming at the same pace and they film him in a similar fashion, straight on coming towards the lens.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

talitha cumi means “little girl, get up” in aramaic.

the fast food restaurant at the beginning is called ‘brothers k.” csm quotes a line from dostoevsky’s the brothers karamozov, “anyone who can appease a man’s conscience can take his freedom away.”

shipper’s corner:

scully’s concern for mulder. she comforts him, but isn’t overprotective and doesn’t dispute his theories as adamantly as she usually does or may want to out of respect for his emotional state.

notable quotables:

mrs. mulder: “i’ve repressed it all.”

csm: “he was a good water-skier, your husband. not as good as i was, but then… that could be said about so many things, couldn’t it?”

m: “if i told you, you’d never let me go.”

csm: “i’ve known her since before you were born… fox.”


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