the x-files project: ep 4:1

the x-files

season 4, episode 1, “herrenvolk”

aired: 10.4.96

the mytharc continues with jeremiah smith, but it’s much better than the season three finale that introduced him. and we get the first look at the bee conspiracy project. the alien bounty hunter (ABH) is still pursuing mulder and jeremiah smith. appparently mulder wasn’t able to kill him with that special spike. he holds scully hostage until mulder contacts her so he track him down. poor scully gets beat up by him a second time. mulder is conflicted on whether to bring jeremiah smith to his mother so he can heal her or to visit the site of the secret project. he chooses to have smith take him to the site. i think he chooses this thinking that he will be able to do both. much like what he thought when he traded the samantha clone for scully the last time the ABH had her.

the bee part of the mytharc is pretty interesting. the site is overseen by drones, worker bees. they are child clones that have no languange and no supervision. the boys look like children of the corn. the girls look like samantha. mulder sees one of the samanthas. it must be so weird for him to see her the same age as the day she was taken. and what could that mean, that the girl drones are copies of his sister. it really adds to the mystery around her abduction. mulder takes one of the drones with him and smith when they flee the farm to escape the ABH. the fields and the honeycomb caves are really cool settings.

scully pursues another line of inquiry on her own. she meets with mr. x and finds out about the small pox vaccination correlation. that’s what those codes were in the social security files that the jeremiah smith clones were working on. with the help of agent pendrell from the lab, she’s able to ascertain that anyone who received a small pox vaccination in the past 50 years is being cataloged. she brings this information to skinner and senior agents at the FBI. they tell her that this “sounds like something we might have heard from agent mulder.”

members of the syndicate meet csm at the hospital. the elder tells him that he was being watched when he visited mrs. mulder at the lake house. the elder says to plant information to find mulder and scully’s source. they’ve been suspicious of an informant since “wetwired” where mr. x came close to being discovered. mr. x falls for the trap and feeds scully the false information. once they know it is x, we know he’s essentially a dead man and when he goes to mulder’s apartment he’s anxious and nervous. he is assassinated in the hallway. he uses his last energy to pass the torch by leaving a clue written in his own blood on mulder’s doorstep, “SRSG.” this leads mulder to a woman, marita covarrubias who becomes his next government informant. “not everything dies, mr. mulder.”

mulder and scully reunite at the hospital where mulder’s mom is staying. mulder arrives in shock and utterly defeated. he’s just seen so much, then got his ass kicked by the ABH, and lost jeremiah smith who was able to save his mother. mulder and scully sit at her bedside. mulder tells her that he saw his sister. “i’ve seen too many things not to believe.” scully says, “i’ve seen things, too. but there are answers to be found now. we have hope that there’s a place to start. that’s what i believe.” it’s very similar to the conversation they had in the hospital after melissa died. mulder said that the truth is out there and he believes that the answers are in the x-files. scully is echoing those thoughts back to him and trying to give him hope. and he’s feeling pretty hopeless at the moment. he says, “you put such faith in your science, scully, that the things i’ve seen, science provides no place to start.” at the end of “quagmire” scully tried to encourage him not to lose hope when his white whale of proof evaded him for the umpteenth time. she doesn’t want him to lose his faith that the truth is out there. it’s such a big part of who he is. she tells him “nothing happens in contradiction to nature. only in contradiction to what we know of it. and that’s a place to start. that’s where the hope is.” just like in the hospital in the end scene in “paperclip” they are vowing to each other to continue the search together. mulder tells her, “i feel we came so close” and she agrees, “i feel it, too.” mulder looks at her with surprise. he’s gotten her so deep in his “work” that he’s always surprised that she wants to continue with him. i think he keeps expecting her to bail. but, now those truths that he sought are now hers and they are bonded by them, irrevocably.

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

scully asks mr. x a yes or no question and she says “confirm or deny?” ha, i love her.

pendrell is so smitten with scully. he’s like her little puppy dog. she doesn’t seem to have a clue.

i really love that line: “nothing happens in contradiction to nature. only in contradiction to what we know of it.” and that it is spoken by scully makes it all the better.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

“the truth is out there” is replaced with “everything dies” at the end of the opening credits.

shipper’s corner:

scully covers him with a blanket at the hospital. skinner leaves them alone. mulder cries on her shoulder.

their whole end scene sitting at mrs. mulder’s bedside is so caring and trusting.

notable quotables:

csm: ” the fiercest enemy is the man who has nothing left to lose.”


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