the x-files project: ep 4:6

the x-files

season 4, episode 6, “sanguinarium”

aried: 11.10.96

“the x-files” does scary really well. many times it will involve gross and unsettling scenes, but they are there to further the story. this episode seems more like the other way around. trying to stitch together a story in order to create some gory scenes. this episode is hard to watch because of these scenes. they are cringe-inducing, squeeze our eyes shut and hope that they’ve cut away when you open them scenes. the plot suffers, but you don’t really notice until it’s over, you get so distracted by the craziness on the screen. the goriness is done well. i’m sure that’s what it looks like if a guy cuts his own face off. it’s frightening watching a woman cough up hundreds of straight pins. the horrifying imagery is what your left with in the end. you’re definitely not contemplating the importance society puts on beauty and how plastic surgery feeds off of it nor are you intrigued about the finer points of witchcraft. you’re saying, “holy fuck, that women just coughed up bloody straight pins!” (i’m using “bloody” in both the literal sense and as the british expletive, by the way.) it’s fun in the sense a dario argento horror film is fun, but as an “x-file” episode you end up wondering exactly the point of all of it was.

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

that was a literal blood bath.

mulder, don’t even think of touching that beautiful face of yours.

notable quotables:

s: “well, if it’s that simple why don’t you put out an APB for someone riding a broom and wearing a tall black hat.”

m: “probable cause?” s: “under suspicion of being a witch?”


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2 Responses to the x-files project: ep 4:6

  1. I love that screen grab so much.
    I literally could not watch the face-cutting-off scene. Had to leave the room. 😐
    These…witchcraft episodes always make me a little uneasy as a pagan myself, but Mulder’s insistence that modern witchcraft is not associated with any kind of evildoing does make me happy. Even though the scene where the ‘good witch’ is doing some kind of spell was a little…well. Dramaticized is a very light word, but The X Files still continues to portray modern paganism in a better light than any other show on television over the past like twenty years. Which is kind of sad. XD

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