the x-files project: ep 4:8

the x-files

season 4, episode 8, “tunguska”

aired: 11.24.96

i started to lose my patience with the last mytharc two-parter, “talitha cumi/herrenvolk.” but this next pair of mythology episodes is such an adventure. scully goes up against a senate committee. mulder and krycek go on a russian escapade. the black oil is back and wreaking havoc. we have skinner, csm, and the well manicured man joining in on the fun. the first of this dynamic duo begins with agent scully reading a statement to a senate committee. they want to know the whereabouts of agent mulder. scully deflects their inquiry and asserts that there is a bigger conspiracy at work. we then jump back in time to see how she got to that point. we don’t see it come to fruition until the second installment, “terma.” “the x-files” is good at using this technique. they give you a crumb and then give you all this other exciting stuff that you totally forget about that crumb until it comes full circle. it’s better this way than having it hang in your mind, looking for clues to how it will be resolved.

krycek is such a good baddie. mulder’s treatment of him is just a delight. he’s so slimy, yet you can’t help but agree with him on some points or question his motives. the things he does aren’t shrouded in mystery. we know he is a self-serving rat who will do anything he can and side with anyone that will save his own ass. mulder is right when he tells scully that krycek wants to expose the same men that they want to expose. you can’t argue with that. although, when shit hits the fan, krycek’s loyalties will change in a heartbeat. mulder’s will not. he will forever be loyal to the truth. that’s what scully is worried about. how far he will go and how far she can follow. she says this to him, so we know it is a concern she has, but she shows no signs of ceasing to follow him. hell, immediately after she says that to him she follows him out of the room. doesn’t lend too much credence to her resolve on that front.

i love the black oil part of the mythology. it could be because the first x-file i ever saw was the movie, “fight the future.” the black oil and its characteristics were fascinating to me and not to mention super cool looking. we had seen the black eye effect in “piper maru/apocrypha” and in these episodes we see even more of its threatening capabilities. that’s what makes the cliffhanger ending so terrifying when mulder is exposed to it. we have never seen it end well for those who have come in contact with it.

rating: 5

wandering thoughts:

scully looks adorable in combat gear.

mulder smacking off krycek’s baseball hat is everything.

that fitted blue pantsuit is very flattering on anderson’s petite frame. they are starting to give her a better wardrobe.

i like the scene between skinner and csm, although it was shot a little sloppy, in my opinion.

i love that agent pendrell is the one to suit up and examine dr. sacks with scully.

scully looks adorable in a hazmat suit.

skinner’s middle name is sergei. sergei, you guys.

this is the first time i ever heard the word “gulag.”

mulder trapped in that wire cage being subjected to the oil test is horrifying.

shipper’s corner:

scully wonders how far she can follow mulder, then promptly follows mulder.

my favorite part of the tv mouse blog, times mulder and scully should have made out edition, was this: 

notable quotables:

s: “there is a culture of lawlessness that has prevented me from doing my job. that the real target of this committee’s investigation should be the men who are beyond prosecution and punishment. the men whose secret policies are behind the crimes that you are investigating.”

krycek: “you go underground, you got to learn to live with the rats.”

m: “you’re an invertebrate scum sucker whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry.” wow, what an insult. impressive, mulder, really impressive.

krycek: “there’s no truth. these men, they make it up as they go along.” kind of like the writers of the show’s mythology?

m: “what did you get for halloween, charlie brown?” mulder quotes the peanuts? i’m dying.

m: “stupid ass haircut!”

m: “i’m leaving the window rolled down. if I’m not back in a week, i’ll call agent scully to come bring you a bowl of water.”

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  1. Scully is too light to trigger the weight mat that opens the door. XD

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