the x-files project: ep 4:11

the x-files

season 4, episode 11, “el mundo gira”

aired: 1.12.97

this is season four’s “tesos dos bichos.” it’s a terrible episode that is so bad it’s practically comical. its plot is based on a cultural myth. in this case, it is the chupacabra, a goat sucking monster that resembles an alien. this episode is trying to comment on the plight of a different kind of alien, the illegal aliens in the united states. the discrimination they endure because of who they are and how injustices against them or within their community go unnoticed because they are invisible to the rest of society. we hire them to do our menial labor, but we don’t acknowledge them. the writer’s chose the mexican soap opera genre as their soap box and it makes the message seem hokey and overdramatic, as a result.

the melodrama and the over the top acting is accompanied with gross fungi special effects. when you’re not cringing at the performances, you are cringing at the disgusting bodies covered in mold. mulder gets wrapped up in the paranormal aspects, not surprisingly. scully is interested in the science behind the fungus, naturally. they both maintain a moderate level of concern for the migrant workers, but it never really feels that that is what’s driving them or their investigation.

mulder and scully have some funny lines and their interaction with the local INS agent, lozano isn’t terrible. the music is a toned down, mark snow version of a telenovela score. the intention of the storytellers to try and shed light on the discrimination is admirable, which makes it even worse that the episode is a dud.

rating: 1.5

wandering thoughts:

i love how scully mentions the “mexcian goat sucker” in “bad blood.” it sticks with her as a low point, just like the fluke man. don’t worry, scully, it’s a low point for us, too. 

mulder is trying to speak spanish again. let’s have more of scully speaking german, instead.

scully holds up her FBI badge to try to explain that she is not immigration and mulder pushes her hand down. that is not helping, scully.

scully says “thank you, mr. buentes, you’ve been very helpful.” you called mulder a fool who believes in foolish superstitions so i didn’t have to.

the best part is when mulder is recounting eladio’s testimony of what happened and he says, “maria! maria!!” in a melodramatic telenovela form and scully looks at him like he’s losing it.

the x-files: making port-a-potties not only disgusting, but frightening, as well, since 1994.

the graffiti alien fade into skinner was a nice editing choice.

when mulder and scully report to skinner, they touch on the fact that these people are invisible and that the enzyme is from outer space and then everyone is confused. so is the audience.

notable quotables:

s: “purple rain?” m: “yeah, great album. deeply flawed movie, though.”

lozano: “this guy’s better than erik estrada.”

lozano: “so, you’ve got you’re own stories, too.” mulder smiles back at him.

m: “the truth is nobody cares.” and that is the truth about this episode and it’s kind of sad because it was trying to expose a political injustice that is very real in our country and in the end, nobody cares.


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