the x-files project: ep 4:20

the x-files

season 4, episode 20, “small potatoes”

aired: 4.20.97

this is the shippiest episode, but at the same time it’s not. chris carter and co. gave us what we wanted but in the cruelest way possible. we almost get a kiss between mulder and scully, but the kicker is that it’s not really mulder. they are playing with our emotions and poor scully’s, too. eddie van blundht’s unique ability to shape shift has people caught in these what if moments. amanda’s is what if luke skywalker, the hero from her favorite movie, showed up at her house one night? one thing leads to another and then you’ve got a baby with a tail and mulder and scully investigating you. mulder poses the question to scully, “if you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?” she answers, “hopefully myself.” this tells a lot about her. she is comfortable in her own skin, she doesn’t have any wistful desires to be anything but herself. but, we find out later, that she may have the longing for mulder to act differently. not be someone else, per se, but to lighten up on the paranoia and conspiracies and to relax and enjoy each others company once in a while. eddie as mulder brings over a bottle of wine and listens to scully’s stories and she admits that she likes this mulder. the sad part is that it’s not mulder. and when mulder sees what eddie was about to try and what scully was about to let him try, he spirals into an insecure mess. he pouts that eddie can get the girl and he can’t. but, he’s too busy chasing lights in the sky to try. eddie is kind of a wake-up call that there’s more out there than his quest and she’s standing next to him everyday. “treat yourself,” he tells him.

now scully has to contend with these feelings that she has let escape. the look on her face when eddie/mulder moves into kiss her is amazing. it’s another one of those times were gillian anderson acts the shit out of something. she registers a plethora of emotions on her face in the space of a couple seconds: fear, desire, nervousness, and more. i hold my breath every time i watch it. i know the outcome, but it is riveting, nonetheless. and then when the real mulder busts through the door, you are feeling all the feelings scully must be having: embarrassment, disappointment, anger. maybe she even chastises herself for letting her guard down and her emotions out. you also feel for mulder. he sees what he has been missing out on and then gets down on himself for not having been brave enough to make the move or to even realize there was a move to make. the whole situation is so awkward, i think they are both happy to avoid all the stuff it brought up. and us shippers are back where we started.

wandering thoughts:

episode 4.20 aired on 4.20.

how many cases have they done that were based on tabloid headlines?

scully mocking him in the beginning. she’s half smiling as she asks her usual questions about why they are on the case. “could it be visitors from space?”

mulder realizing that amanda might be crazy and that none of his preconceived notions about case are evident is priceless. scully relishes it and eggs amanda on. “did he have a light saber?”

scully does not rub it in, afterwards. “i think you’re right, mulder,” she says when he thinks there is something to the case. she always keeps him guessing.

mulder’s face of disgust when scully says she would want to be eleanor roosevelt.

eddie complains that everyone spells his last name wrong excluding the silent H. when mulder knocks on his door the H falls off the van blundht sign on the door.

shipper’s corner:

“birds do it. bees do it. even educated MDs do it.” that’s mighty suggestive, mulder.

they are mistaken as a married couple.

scully sarcastically tells mulder the theory she’s sure he’s concocted in his head and he responds with, “should we be picking out china patterns, or what, scully?” another burn on the shippers because scully was kidding.

scully thinks mulder showed up at her door with a bottle of wine just to chill and she’s down. “what’s that for?” “us.” and her dreams just came true.

the whole wine/almost kiss scene is very shippery, but one-sided. we know that scully likes this side of mulder and that she entertains the idea of the kiss. she can’t even make eye contact with him.

scully having listened to mulder’s final conversation with eddie tells him, “i don’t imagine you need to be told this, mulder, but, you’re not a loser.” she knows his ego was bruised and she’s trying to reassure him. but, he’s too deep in his self-loathing, “yeah, but i’m no eddie van blundht, either, am i?” she thought it was YOU, mulder! get a clue.

notable quotables:

amanda: “his name is luke skywalker. he what’s known as a jedi knight.”

s: “the birds and the bees and the monkey babies, mulder.”

m: “hey scully, if you could be somebody else for a day who would it be?” s: “hopefully myself.” m: “so boring. i mean, wouldn’t you be tempted to try on somebody else’s existence for a day? live your life as somebody else?” s: “looking like someone else, mulder, and being someone else are completely different things.” m: “well, maybe it’s not. i mean, everybody else around you would treat you like you were somebody else. i mean, ultimately, maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that makes us who we are.” s: “alright then, eleanor roosevelt.” m: “you can’t be a dead person.” s: “why the hell not?”

m: “do you think the fall killed him?”

m: “i was just here. where did i go?”

skinner: “you spelled federal bureau of investigation wrong.” eddie/mulder: “it’s a typo.” skinner: “twice.”

eddie: “i just think it’s funny. i was born a loser, but you’re one by choice. you should live a little. treat yourself. god knows, i would if i were you.”



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