the x-files revival project: best week ever

christmas came early for philes this week. there was talk of wild nights at chilis, dildos, octopus porn, new MSR angst, and some great rewatches. the cast got in on the fun. thank you, gillian for answering an age old question and with such grace and class. david was not quite as cheeky, but answered questions for three hours while shooting aquarius. mitch was engaging as ever.

chilis fic: a twitter phile unearthed this blessed fan fiction from 15 years ago and it went viral. a week later people are still talking about it. here are the best tweets.

on wednesday the global rewatch was on all things, written and directed by gillian anderson. she took to twitter for a q&a.

dildo and octopus porn: i was lucky enough to get one of my questions answered and, boy oh boy, was it an answer!

philes have been wanting to know this for a long time and gillian had absolutely no chill in answering it, god bless her.

fans barely recovered to do the all things rewatch. here are the best tweets.

we had just caught our breath and a behind the scenes promo comes out of nowhere and had us all back on the floor and flailing. entertainment weekly nonchalantly tweeted it and then the official x-files account teased us about it for the rest of the day. watch it here.

that same day was the global rewatch for hollywood ad, written and directed by david duchovny. he, too, answered questions from the fans, me included. not sure where this luck came from, but needless to say, i was on cloud nine. here’s the q&a.

even gillian asked a question. he didn’t answer. smart man.

and a very vocal, twitter favorite, mitch pileggi got in on the action. here is the skinner q&a.

i also slipped in a chilis question, but david didn’t answer it. how surprising.

the DDGA movie squad live tweeted robot overlords on saturday. if you’re on twitter search #GARobotWatch for some great tweets about that great movie.

gillian continued to slay us this week with her famous #tbt retweeting a fan. honestly, she sounds like any of us fangirls on twitter with this tweet.

and then this.

trolling level: expert. not letting us live.

as we get closer to the revival, i wonder if this is just the beginning of the excitement. pray for me.


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this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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4 Responses to the x-files revival project: best week ever

  1. Knife Ink says:

    Erinnnnnn. ❀

    We are going to slay Twitter come January 24.

  2. momasteblog says:

    So. Much. Awesome. I can’t. I can’t even.

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