X-FEELS (or, Things I Want to See in the X-Files Revival)

i loved following along with this baby phile’s 1st watch of the x-files. i’m just sad i came on twitter when she was already into season 7. her dollars to donuts tweets killed me. (well, all of them, really, but those were my jam.) if you want to check it out the HT was #jaywatchesthexfiles


Now that I’ve finally got a job (yay!), updates on this blog may be fewer and farther between compared to this summer. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped fangirling. In fact, I’m probably doing more of that than I have in ages. Why, you ask? Because The X-Files is coming back. And now that I finished the series (as of mid-October. I’m not sure if it’s sad or impressive that I watched nine seasons in such a short time), I’m not sure if my fangirl heart can take it.

In case you’re one of the few nerds out there who hasn’t heard, there will be brand-spankin’-new episodes of The X-Files on your TV screen starting January 24th. It’s airing on its original mother network, FOX, who ordered six episodes of what they’re calling “Season 10.” It’s not a reboot, which I was surprised to find, but a continuation of Mulder…

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this is a random mix of whatever. some book and movie reviews. a lot of fangirling over the x-files. reviewing all episodes, slowly but surely. thanks for visiting!
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