the x-files project: ep 5:4

the x-files

season 5, episode 4, “detour”

aired: 11.23.97

let’s take a nice little ship, uh, i mean trip into the woods. x-files + woods = good episode. think “darkness falls” and “quagmire.” mulder and scully stranded really gets that ship sailing. we get a scene similar to the COTR and it’s wonderful. the monster is kinda silly, but who the hell cares with all the great M&S scenes we get.

this is the first episode with mulder and scully post cancer arc. we got a breather with “unusual suspects” and now we get to see how our leads are coping with the aftermath of all those feels. scully seems to be taking “life by the testes” (specifically, mulder’s, she’s hoping, hee hee). she looked death in the face and is ready to live life to the fullest. she blatantly and unabashedly acts on her obvious feelings for mulder. she comes to his hotel room with booze and a cheese platter, making a ridiculously flirty comment about “consorting” in each other’s hotel rooms. she’s letting that wall down. much to her surprise and mine, mulder evades her flirtations. mulder, i think, is nervous to act on the feelings that he obviously reciprocates. he’s trying to be sensitive to the trauma she’s just been through and respect her. but, he’s not really seeing her side of it or fully understanding what she’s going through and that she might need exactly what he’s withholding from her. he feigns overwhelming interest in the case (which isn’t even their case, by the way) and flees the hotel room on the pretense of investigating the invisible tree people. this is aggravating as fuck. if mulder and scully ever actually talked about their feelings with each other this could all be sorted out. but they are pros at avoiding and what we get is a frustrated scully left alone with her wine and cheese.

but, scully, bless her heart, doesn’t give up. she continues her flirt fest when they find themselves stranded in the woods with an injured mulder. mulder makes a comment about how it’s best to generate body heat by getting into a sleeping bag naked with someone else naked. this is a perfectly common mulder comment, but then ballsy scully retorts with “maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you’ll get lucky.” MAYBE IF IT RAINS SLEEPING BAGS, YOU’LL GET LUCKY, she says. holy shit with the overt flirting, scully! mulder is momentarily stunned (and, let’s be honest, probably got the biggest boner). scully is so nonchalant about it and continues with “have you ever thought seriously about dying?” the conversation is a bit erratic and mulder is possibly suffering from shock. but, it seems scully would like to talk about her cancer experience with mulder. she tells him at first she was “angry at the injustice of its meaningless” and that was the struggle and the point, “to give it meaning. to make sense of it.” that may be why she’s willing to take the romantic step with mulder now. he’s apprehensive and doesn’t want to seem like he’s taking advantage of her possibly fragile post cancer state. but, what he doesn’t get is that she’s feeling anything but fragile. she’s feeling powerful and strong, having beaten a death sentence and she’s trying to take control over what she wants and not waste time on excruciatingly contemplating the pros and cons of every little action.

scully takes mulder’s resistance in stride. she maneuvers him into her arms. he hesitates, knowing he’s not ready for anything romantic or thinks scully is not ready. she just wants to keep him warm. mulder surrenders totally trusting her to keep him safe, but also worrying that she will succumb to sleep. “i’m not going to get tired,” she says with a fierce look of determination on her face that it’s like she’s taking a vow. then he talks her into singing so he knows she’s awake and she gives in. one thing scully does not like is being made to look foolish. she sets this fear aside and sings ‘joy to the world’ tunelessly and charmingly. despite their avoidance of openly talking about their romantic feelings, there is so much love in this scene. it makes me positively giddy.

the strength of their partnership is further displayed when they work together to save themselves from the monster in the end. the communication they were supposed to work on in the seminar from which they were detoured is undeniably strong already. any exercise in that area is unnecessary for them (even though they could really use a couple’s therapy session).

oh, and there’s a tree mutant with red eyes, but that’s not really important.

rating: 4.5

wandering thoughts:

mulder is an absolute riot in the backseat of the car. and scully is loving it although trying to remain professionally cool, but you can see she thinks it’s funny and adorable.

it kind of annoys me how michele gives them the survival lesson. do you have any idea the kind of situations these two have been in? they’re good, ok?

continuity goof: they are wet from the rain in one shot and then totally dry in the next.

mulder’s face when scully starts singing. well, he asked. haha!

scully is like a little woodland nymph collecting berries.

shipper’s corner:

please see the entire review above.

her face when she realizes he’s talking about the case after she has just come on to him.

can you imagine what their wine and cheese party would’ve been like? CAN YOU IMAGINE?

mulder’s look when scully makes the raining sleeping bags comment is priceless.

notable quotables:

m: “kill me now.”

agent burkholder: “i couldn’t believe how hard it was to not use the word ‘but.'” m: “i’m having that same problem right now.”

m: “unfortunately around this time of year i usually develop a severe hemorrhoidal condition.”

s: “mulder, we’ve got this conference. they’re waiting.” m: “yeah. how do i say this without using any negative words, scully…” s: “you want me to tell them that you’re not going to make it to this year’s teamwork seminar.” m: “yes. you see that? we don’t need that conference. we have communication like that – unspoken. you know what I’m thinking.” scully hides a smile. she probably was glad to get out of the conference, too.

m: “who cut the cheese?” avoiding like a freaking child with the fart jokes. *facepalm*

m: “par-tay!” and then totally bail on the party. *facepalm again*

jeff: “if we become blinded by the beauty of nature we may fail to see its cruelty and violence.” s: “walt whitman?” jeff: “when animals attack on the fox network.” they’re always making fun of FOX and it’s hilarious.

s: “ta da!” m: “go girl.”

m: “did you identify with betty or wilma?” s: “i identified with betty’s bust line.” m: “so did i.” s: ‘i could’ve never been married to barney, though. the kids were cute.” aw crap, feels with “christmas carol/emily” coming up.

m: “i don’t want to wrestle.”

s: “there has to be a scientific explanation for this.”

s: “if they could see us now.” m: “go team.”



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