the x-files project: ep 5.9


the x-files

season 5, episode 9, “schizogeny”

aired: 1.11.98


this episode is in a sink hole of mediocrity. it looks really good and the premise is interesting, but i still find myself saying “meh” at the end. it’s difficult to even get to the root of the problem (see what i did there? oy, this episode has reduced me to puns.) the actress that plays villain/victim karin matthews is awkward and not as a result of her character. this could be the thorn in this episode’s side. (aw crap, i can’t stop.) the evil voice of her dead abusive father is effectively creepy and gives me major “red dragon” vibes, which is cool since katharine isabelle plays lisa here and margot in “hannibal.” but, that creepiness falls flat when karin is back on screen. aside from some fun moments between mulder and scully, their screen time is also mediocre, falling into a rut with their typical believer/skeptic roles.

the whole cycle of abuse concept starts out being intriguing, but is then muddied (jesus, who am i, mulder?) by the strange and disconnected resolution of it. the orchard man is so bummed about the blight that he’s the one to stop the cycle? i don’t see the point of that. then we have a dull mulder voiceover wrap up in the end. i appreciate the focus on abuse and its harmful, long-reaching effects, but it deserved a better payoff.

rating: 2.5

wandering thoughts:

when mulder says “dork weed” it clearly looks like his mouth was saying “dick weed.”

the setting is pretty. there are some great shots of mulder and scully walking amongst the trees and the moonlit night scenes have an eerie and haunting look.

bobby was totally channeling bobby from twin peaks in the scene where scully pulls him out of class.

the bleeding tree is cool.

lisa’s aunt’s death is a scary death scene and is done well.

the ending is somewhat suspenseful with mulder almost getting impaled and both him and bobby being pulled under the mud.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

katharine isabelle is the daughter of the show’s producer, graeme murray.

shipper’s corner:

“hey scully, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?”

when scully shows up, she helps mulder up, not bobby and puts her hands on his hips.

notable quotables:

m: “is it possible that he took mud pie literally?”

bobby: “what’s that?” m: “evidence” pointing to the word evidence on the bag.

m: “talk about putting down roots.” no wonder i caught the pun blight for this review.



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6 Responses to the x-files project: ep 5.9

  1. Salome says:

    Girl… all the LOLZ. This was more fun than the episode.

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