“the little paris bookshop” book review

“the little paris bookshop” by nina george

3 stars

i loved the idea of this book, but wasn’t totally satisfied by the execution. being a book lover, i was expecting a lot more from a book about books. there were lots of starts that i wanted to continue but then they turned into plot points that i found less than enchanting. the overall story is charming, as are the characters and the settings. at times i allowed the book to charm me and other times i was irked at the thought of the book trying to charm me. there are parts that are overly sweet and try too hard to be deep just for the sake of being deep. the whole book is not like this, though. there was one big reveal that surprised me and made me really happy and lots of moments that resonated.

the main character’s journey of loss, grief, and healing rang true. that was the major theme of the book and it was handled well. although, i don’t think the book would serve as a remedy for that kind of pain, but i’d prescribe it as a mild pain reliever, with side effects of wanderlust.

i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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