#nochillian and a weekend i will never forget


i was fortunate enough to see gillian anderson in a streetcar named desire at st. ann’s warehouse in brooklyn this past weekend. twice. truly a once in a lifetime experience and one that i will never forget. i met friends that i know will be lifelong buddies. i laughed. a lot. i mean, a lot, a lot. (there was even some snort-laughing, if i recall.) i cried. a lot. if you’ve seen her as blanche du bois, you’ll know the tears i’m talking about. one of my slumber party comrades wrote the story below. i was going to write about it, but then i read shana’s post and it perfectly sums up that day and then the tweet from gillian herself.

thank you, oh blessed technology, for giving us humans the ability to have internet access on an airplane 30000+ feet in the air. and thank you, oh hallowed jet blue, for having free wifi because we all know my cheap ass wouldn’t have shelled out money for it. i had been asleep for the first hour of my flight, which is no surprise since i had not slept the night before and then had only slept about 2-3 hours the night before that. i don’t know why or how i woke up. call it a #nochillian sixth sense? my friends would tell you it’s because i’m a spy, but, i digress. i open my twitter app and i check gillian’s account, as i do. and lo and behold, 4 min earlier she had tweeted to us. now it was really hard to not totally and utterly lose my shit on the plane. i pretty much lost all chill and freaked the fuck out. here are the tweets:

the gifts are by roxie’s custom funko. she is a true artist. i mean, look at these beauties!

weekend credits:

thank you to my aunt for helping travel arrangements happen.

thank you to my NCA slumber party homies for making it such a fun trip.

thank you to the anteroom girls for all their support and laughs along the way.

thank you to my mom for hanging with the bogie for the weekend.

thank you to the bogie for being understanding about my need to see “scully.”

thank you to the hubs for not even flinching when i bought gillian yet another gift.

thank you to roxie for creating these rad custom pops on short notice!

thank you to jet blue for free wifi, obvs.

thank you to tennessee williams for creating the role of beautifully damaged, blanche du bois, so that almost 70 years later gillian would inhabit her.

and thank you to the perfect unicorn goddess herself for existing in all her no chill, give no fucks glory.



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