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Social Media Meets Book Nerd with Bookstagram

There is a community within the Instagram community for lovers of all things literary.  There are over 150,000 photos under the hashtag #bookstagram.  That’s one way to start exploring this online society of bookish users. There are people who dedicate an Instagram account solely to their love of books.  Book lovers create hashtags devoted to pictures of books like #bookshelfie, #bookporn, and #coverlove.

It gets truly interactive with book photo challenges, readathons, and even goodie giveaways.  Too introverted to join a real book club?  Bookstagram has got you covered with The Book Club of Instagram where a new book is voted on by the followers each month and then discussed through pictures in your feed.  You can peruse book reviews, follow feeds for specific genres, and even stalk your favorite author.  Amy Tan (@amytanwriter), Salman Rushdie (@salmanrushdie), Tahereh Mafi (@taherehmafi), Erin Morgenstern (@erinmorgenstern) and Bret Easton Ellis (@BretEllis) to name a few.  John Green (@johngreenwritesbooks), author of the hugely popular The Fault In Our Stars, is a big fan of the selfie.

Find your next book to read, see what others think about  your favorite book, post an artsy picture of your current read with a mug of coffee, constantly check hashtags of your favorite titles, the possibilities are endless.  Just be careful, it might take up all your extra reading time.

originally published at collective lifestyle 7.16.2014


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