throwback: project greenlight

Project Greenlight is Back

More than ten years later, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are bringing back their reality show, Project Greenlight. Affleck said “Project Greenlight was ahead of its time.  Now that technology has caught up to the concept, we thought it was a perfect time to bring it back.” He may be right.  The concept is an ideal partner for the social media age.  Endeavors like this thrive in today’s technological world, like crowd funding and Kickstarter.  It presents an incredible opportunity for aspiring filmmakers in an industry that can be very hard to break into.  The entry rules have changed a bit.  The first season chose a script.  Season 2 split the entry into writing and directing, choosing a script and then a director contestant to direct.  The third season went back to screenplay submissions and the show switched from HBO to Bravo where it became a little more reality tv than documentary.  This year they forgo the script entry and have hopefuls submit a 3 minute short film.  The winner will direct a “Hollywood-vetted” script provided to them, not their own original story. Nowadays anyone can be a filmmaker with their phones, so I imagine that Project Greenlight has been inundated with submissions.  To help with the large amount of entries, they have enlisted the public.  Anyone with a Facebook account can sign up to be a judge.  You watch the short films and rate them on originality, production value, plot, cinematography, editing, and overall impression.

The show has always been a bigger hit than the movies they turn out, but maybe this redux will prove otherwise. The first two films, Stolen Summer and The Battle of Shaker Heights, weren’t exactly box office triumphs.  The third season produced the horror film, Feast.  It had the most success out of the three and spawned two sequels.  HBO will be airing the journey of the winner from pre-production to post and all the mayhem along the way. Movie making is a fascinating subject and brings its own drama in the process. The show will, no doubt, be entertaining, if not successful.  Whether or not the final product will be, remains to be seen.

originally published at collective lifestyle 8.12.2014


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