“the invoice” book review

“the invoice” by jonas karlsson

4 stars

i was somewhat apprehensive about this book. i had read “the room” by karlsson and although i really enjoyed the premise and the writing style, the ending was unsatisfying and his characters unlikable. “the room” was a quick read that i thought even if i don’t like this one, it wouldn’t take up too much of my time. i was pleasantly surprised that the qualms i had with “the room” were not present in “the invoice.” the qualities i enjoyed in “the room” appeared here and what irritated me about it did not.

the mysteriousness and kafkaesque quality was really intriguing. the themes are so broad and expansive that it really gets your mind working on profound ideas and feelings. what does it mean to be happy? can you measure happiness? what if you had to pay for the simple things in life like enjoying a sunset or being comforted by the sound of the rain? how do others perceive our level of happiness. i found the questions that this book brought out were so interesting.

the main character is an unassuming hero. i could identify with him even though he led such a different life from my own. his situation forces him to ask himself some of those all-encompassing life questions. you root for him as he faces judgment (and a steep fine) for what simply makes him happy. I was very satisfied with the ending this time. i am not one to need a happy ending all the time, but this happy ending made me, well…happy. it’s kafkaesque with a happy twist which makes it whimsical and unique.

i received a copy of “the invoice” from blogging for books in exchange for this honest review.


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