the x-files project: ep 5.11

the x-files

season 5, episode 11, “kill switch”

aired: 2.15.98

this is a fun episode. we get the lone gunmen, exasperated!scully and then kick ass!scully, a cool secondary character, and a lot of explosions. the cold open is quite curious. a man is trying to hack something on a computer in a diner. then there is a montage of bad guys getting mysterious calls to go to that diner. guys start showing up at the diner in pairs. (what is this some thug noah’s ark?) then the u.s. marshalls bust in and a gunfight ensues, killing the computer guy just before he could finish his task.

mulder and scully are on the case. mulder is interested in the computer guy and scully is like ‘why the fuck are we here, mulder?’ as usual. turns out the computer guy was donald gellman, one of the inventors of the internet. mulder pilfers the computer and finds the disc that gellman uploaded just before he was killed. mulder puts it in their car cd player and twilight time begins to play and the lights flash. it’s quite romantic. scully looks nervous and mulder gets all bashful. it’s adorable. the crazy internet disc/being whatever ships it.

with the lone gunmen’s help, mulder and scully locate invisigoth, a hacker living in a shipping container. after both being zapped by the techie bad ass, scully apprehends her. she says the AI is about to incinerate them. mulder believes and scully does not. but then, BOOM! taking invisigoth into their custody, the three head back to the lone gunmen’s. the gunmen are starstruck by invisigoth whose real name is esther nairn. scully gets great pleasure out of this information as she is 1000% done with this chick. mulder goes to look for a T3 something or other (i’m too technologically stupid to understand half of this shit) and scully and the gunmen fall asleep and invisigoth takes scully hostage. which is good because they need to work on their relationship anyways. is it bad that i kind of ship scully and invisigoth? what would their mash-up name be? invisiscullz or scullygoth? getting off track a bit, but, i mean, scully made this face when esther talked about unlocking her handcuffs with her tongue:

mulder finds the T3 and then an RV where the AI has built an evil lair. so the AI, the sentient being, built this? that’s what they’re telling us? i know i don’t understand this stuff, but that seems wildly far fetched. i’ll go with it, though. once he gets inside the RV, the AI zaps and traps him, sending him into a virtual nightmare. we don’t know it’s a hallucination right away. the porn nurses give away that something is not right. and then scully comes in and kicks their porny asses and it is AWESOME! virtual scully yells at mulder to give her the kill switch and mulder is like, uh, hello? do you see that i have no arms?

meanwhile, invisiscullz are bonding. esther tells scully that her and the hardware genius of the group, david, were in a relationship and she fears he is dead. she is upset and scully sympathizes with her. they work together to find mulder and the physical location of the AI so they can infect it with the kill switch, twilight time. they find mulder and a dead david in the RV. esther administers the kill switch and then tries to upload to live in the AI …or something. scully is heartbroken. they totally could have been friends, i think. scully gets mulder out just in time before the AI blows up the RV. but, was the kill switch effective before the explosion? was esther able to establish an uplink? was david alive in the virtual world? does frohike get that furry vest dry cleaned? lots of unanswered questions, but that’s the x-files for ya!

rating: 4

wandering thoughts:

the AI coordinated that whole set-up in the opening to stop gellman from using the kill switch. it was a pretty elaborate scheme. this sentient being should write hollywood scripts.

kudos to scully about checking the email. mulder is impressed. and then kudos to mulder for knowing that the string of numbers referred to a shipping container. now scully is impressed.

i heart invisigoth.

scully gets fed up with invisigoth in the car. she’s like ‘that is enough, young lady. i will pull this car over right now!’

if this is what it’s like to live in the virtual AI, then no, thank you. no horror porn dreams for me.

i liked that bridge scene. it was shot and edited nicely.

HOW DARE you do that to mulder’s beautiful arms!
*godfather voice* “look how they massacred my boy?”

again, how does a sentient being build actual physical stuff? and what exactly is the cloud? i hate technology.

did you know? behind the scenes facts:

“kill switch” won an emmy award for outstanding single camera picture editing for a series.

shipper’s corner:

their reactions when twilight time plays in the car are telling. if there wasn’t sexual tension between them they would’ve acted nonchalantly.

in his virtual dream/hallucination/nightmare thingy. mulder says to get his doctor, dr. scully.

scully helps mulder out of the RV so lovingly. “you’re going to be okay.”

notable quotables:

m: “maybe it was for the pie.”

s: “what were you in all this, the bass player?” i don’t know if i like this line. it’s not very feminist of scully to think that the woman in the group is just arm candy. i understand she’s annoyed with her, though.

invisigoth: “buenos dias, muchacha.”

s: “dandy.”

invisigoth: “you don’t listen, do you?” scully just wants a friend, damn it!

invisigoth/AI?: “bite me.”


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