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X-Files Redux

I have already read the hundreds of articles about the return of “The X-Files” and if you’re a fan you probably have, as well. Rather than spout off all the speculative facts that we already know, I thought I’d just nerd out about my excitement over it. I went into a geekified tizzy over the “Twin Peaks” resurrection, well, I’m in a downright maelstrom of geekery now. “The X-Files” was a pioneering television show, paving the way for a bevy of tv writers, actors, production talent, and sci-fi stories. It made household names of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Ever heard of a little show called, “Breaking Bad?” Well, Vince Gilligan got his television writing chops on “The X-Files” and Gilligan met his future Walter White on an x-file. Bryan Cranston starred in the nail-biting 6th season episode, “Drive,” penned by Gilligan. Most sci-fi shows now have “The X-Files” to thank for breaking ground on the small screen.

I feel a huge wave of relief reading that the main cast members are anxious to come back, especially the leads. You can’t have “The X-Files” without Scully and Mulder. Everyone else from Skinner to the Cigarette Smoking Man are all willing (and hoping) to come back if the offer comes their way. Duchovny joked that it would have to be a short season saying, “We’re all old. We don’t have the energy for a full season.” I don’t know if that is the case. Duchovny and Anderson are pretty busy in their “old age.” Anderson has been tag-teaming two critically acclaimed shows, “Hannibal” and “The Fall.” She garnered praise with her turn as Blanche DuBois in the stage production of  “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Add in a mini-series here and a movie there and top it off with co-writing a science fiction novel (the first in a series), “A Vision of Fire.” She’s definitely got me beat in the energy department. (It took a lot of effort for me to even start this article.) Duchovny’s no bump on a log either. He wrapped up seven seasons of  “Californication” and started filming the NBC 60s cop drama, “Aquarius,” premiering this May. He also managed to write a book. “Holy Cow: A Modern Day Dairy Tale” is a satirical fable that came out this year.

Ever since the rumors were confirmed, I find myself day dreaming about possible plots and stories. Creator Chris Carter has a tall order in front of him. Six episodes have been greenlit, now he has to decide what they will be about. Will it take place where the last movie left off? How will it deal with the 2012 end of the world/alien invasion date that was revealed in the series finale? Will the episodes be about the mythology arcs or stand alones or of the monster-of-the-week variety? The task seems overwhelmingly daunting. I have faith in our creator, though. The second film did not get very good reviews or draw big box office numbers, but I thought it was well done and our beloved characters were handled with care. Duchovny has been saying for years that after the end of the series, “The X-Files” has the potential to be a very viable movie franchise. Sci-fi series and movies are now old hat, but fans care about the characters. People are interested to see what’s going on with Scully and Mulder in today’s world.

I have been wishing and hoping for the return of “The X-Files” in any form, really, even before the second movie came out in 2008. Most interviews conducted with Carter, Duchovny, and Anderson since the finale ask the inevitable question: would they be interested in returning to their roles? They always vaguely answered affirmatively. Every answer to that question got my hopes up all these years. I don’t care what the reason to finally decide to do it is. Whether it’s a scheme that has to do with Netflix and exclusive streaming rights or another notch in the trend of reviving old shows, it doesn’t matter to this fan. All that matters is it’s back.

originally published at collective lifestyle 3.30.2015

UPDATE: i have started reviewing every x-files episode from the beginning. check ’em out starting here.

UPDATE RANT: “i have faith in our creator.” WHAT?! i can’t believe i wrote that! clearly i was being nice. chris carter completely and utterly let me down. his three episodes out of the six were terrible. my overall opinion of season 10 is disappointed. it had the potential to be something great, out of this world, and it just wasn’t. there were a lot of great moments and even almost whole episodes that i enjoyed, but i was left unsatisfied (and angry) with the season as a whole.

UPDATE RANT PT2: having watched “i want to believe” with fresh eyes since being that fan that was so happy to see mulder and scully again in 2008, i see that it is fraught with problems. scully googled brain surgery for crying out loud. i had stars in my eyes and was blind to the fact that it really is not that great. another chris carter disappointment. someone take final draft off that man’s computer!


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