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throwback: little humans

Little Humans of New York If you frequent pretty much any social media site, odds are you’ve heard of Humans of New York.  It is a highly liked, regularly shared, and often imitated blog created by Brandon Stanton in 2010. … Continue reading

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throwback: movies for writers

So You Want to be a Writer?: Movie List After my first failed NaNoWriMo attempt, I was looking back to see what I could’ve done differently. I found it mostly came down to procrastination. It actually made me feel more … Continue reading

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throwback: back to school

Top 10 Back To School Movies The end of summer is rapidly approaching.  Get geared up for the new school year with these flicks before the homework assignments start piling up.  This back to school movie guide has something for … Continue reading

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throwback: presidents and movies

Movies and Presidents The President of the United States has named “Boyhood” as his favorite movie of 2014. He is not alone. ‘Critically acclaimed’ is an understatement for Richard Linklater’s epic coming of age film. “Boyhood” has been on countless … Continue reading

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“the sunlight pilgrims” book review

“the sunlight pilgrims” by jenni fagan 4.5 stars i love a good apocalyptic scenario and that is why i chose this book, but it is so much more. the world is facing another ice age. end times stories are interesting … Continue reading

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