“the sunlight pilgrims” book review

“the sunlight pilgrims” by jenni fagan

4.5 stars

i love a good apocalyptic scenario and that is why i chose this book, but it is so much more. the world is facing another ice age. end times stories are interesting because it’s scary but not quite an immediate threat. “pilgrims” takes this structure and puts it only four years in the future. suddenly, the scare factor is amplified. this imagined future becomes much more plausible in your mind as you read. this end of the world plot serves as a setting for some eclectic characters in which you become very invested making the impending armageddon even more harrowing.

while the epic winter of 2020 is riveting and somewhat a character itself, the human characters and their relationships are what keeps your attention. they provide the warmth while the frosty descriptions of this modern ice age almost chill you to the bone. it was interesting to read this in the middle of summer. fagan paints the scene so well that you feel the bitter cold even on a hot sunny day. there are numerous relationships to follow and all are intriguing, but the most captivating were those between mothers and their children. the women were all strong and independent and real. that was very satisfying.

the only complaint i have with “the sunlight pilgrims” is the odd dialogue structure and some of the narrative felt rushed where i felt like i missed a piece of action that could’ve explained the logistics of the scene better. although, this did not take away from the story. i really enjoyed the ending. as i was nearing the end, i was not sure it could be ended in the right way and i didn’t even know what the right way should be, but when i read that last sentence, it definitely felt right. it left me wanting more because i had become very fond of these characters, but in a good way. i wanted more but was sated, nevertheless.

side note: it would be totally rad if this were to become a film. some of the imagery would awesomely come to life in some artistic and capable hands. gillian anderson would make the perfect constance, in my opinion. i started picturing her in my head about half way through and i think it would be marvelous casting.

i received a copy of “the sunlight pilgrims” from blogging for books in exchange for this honest review.


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