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Top 10 Back To School Movies

The end of summer is rapidly approaching.  Get geared up for the new school year with these flicks before the homework assignments start piling up.  This back to school movie guide has something for all ages and stages of academia.

1)  Back To School (1986) – No, this wasn’t chosen just for the name.  This Rodney Dangerfield comedy is good to watch anytime of year, but it will get you excited to get back into the  swing of things in the land of the learning. Use the pick up line “call me when you have no class” and if your crush knows what you’re quoting then they’re a keeper.  Also, you don’t want to miss Robert Downy, Jr. as the off beat sidekick.

2)  Pitch Perfect (2012) – This has all the elements of the joys of starting college; meeting new friends, trying new activities, trying to find your way in the next phase of life, contemplating the many possibilities and opportunities before you.  And it has “choreographed nerd singing.”  Anna Kendrick is the freshman navigating through these experiences.  Go along on her adventure and study up for the sequel that comes out next year.

3)  Grease (1978) –  It begins on the first day of their last year at Rydell High.  These rebellious seniors sing and dance their way through high school romance and drag races.  Typical high school, right?  Catchy songs and glittery dance numbers will have you wishing the first day of school was sooner.  Maybe.

4)  Matilda (1996) – Here’s one for the middle schoolers.  This film glorifies the wonders of reading and learning.  Matilda’s passion for knowledge is infectious and will have you clamoring to get your hands on some books.

5)  The Breakfast Club (1985) – This classic 80’s flick might not get you into the mood to attend class, but it does remind you of all the types of different people that comprise your school and that a new friend might be where you least expect.

6)  Election (1999) – This satirical look at high school politics will have you laughing and lighten up the upcoming elections at your own school.    It will also have you looking at your teachers in a new light.  They are human, too, after all.

7)  Carrie (1976 & 2013) – For the horror fans, here is a back to school classic and it’s well done remake.  The lesson here: don’t be a bully.  You never know if someone has telekinetic powers and a taste for revenge.

8)  Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) – Sean Penn is Spicoli.  That is all.

9)  Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010) – Based on the popular kid’s illustrated book series by Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid commiserates with children on the trials and tribulations of attending middle school.  It might not get your child super excited about going back to school, but it shows them that everyone faces these challenges and it does that with humor and fart jokes.

10)  Fame (1980) – For the drama and art crowd, this story of talented teens attending the New York City High School of Performing Arts is a winner.  And because this list needed another movie with singing and dancing students.

Runners-up:  Clueless (1995), Old School (2003), Pretty In Pink (1986), Napoleon Dynamite (2004), Sixteen Candles (1984), Animal House (1978), Neighbors (2014), Rebel Without a Cause (1955), Mean Girls (2004)

originally published at collective lifestyle 8.5.2014


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