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Little Humans of New York

If you frequent pretty much any social media site, odds are you’ve heard of Humans of New York.  It is a highly liked, regularly shared, and often imitated blog created by Brandon Stanton in 2010.  He photographs and interviews people around New York City.  This simple concept quickly gained a worldwide audience.  In 2013, he released a book based on his research.  Humans of New York is full of incredibly candid photos and stories from the diverse people that make up the famous city.  A year later Stanton is releasing Little Humans, a book comprised of tales of his younger subjects.

Stanton’s own journey is just as interesting.  After losing his job in finance, he set out on his own mission of cataloging the inhabitants of NYC with a goal to photograph 10,000 people.  As he spoke to these individuals he started to record their anecdotes and quotes. The combination of the photography and documentary-style narratives turned into the popular blog with over 10 million followers on Facebook, 1.8 million on Instagram, 160,000 Twitter followers and a substantial amount of tumblr disciples.  Thanks to him, the humans of New York have become omnipresent on the internet and around the world. His work has led him to partner with the United Nations on the recent goodwill mission to 10 countries over the span of 50 days.  He has interviewed the people of Vietnam, Mexico City, Uganda, India, and Iraq.  The worldly diversity represented on his travels abroad reflects the same individualism of that which was limited to the boundaries of New York City.

Some of his livelier and more humorous posts focus on the little humans of the Big Apple. Stanton has taken his favorite kid portraits and stories from the blog, as well as added new and exclusive accounts, to make up this anticipated sequel, of sorts. What better way to stay young in spirit than to look through the eyes of a child. Stanton provides that glimpse and celebrates the wonders of the world that can only be seen by the young and young at heart. One series that shows up in his posts is “today in microfashion…” which highlights the creativity that children can bring to fashion.  There is always playfulness and charm in these posts and the book promises to deliver that along with a whole lot of heart.  The book goes on sale on October 7th and Stanton will be doing a book signing at the Union Square Barnes & Noble on October 11th.  Stanton encourages people to bring kids and dogs, though he’s not sure dogs are allowed, so he jokes, “you may want to disguise them as kids.”

Much like the adult-centric Humans of New York, Little Humans shows us that we are all different and walk a different journey, but we are all human.  I have seen comments on his posts where people claim that he has restored their faith in humanity simply by telling true stories of real people.  You never know what a person is going through by looking at their exterior unless you stop to ask.  Stanton is asking and passing it along, one story at a time, to readers all over the world.

originally published at collective lifestyle 10.2.2014


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