throwback: left shark

Left Shark is my Spirit Animal

By now you have probably heard about the real MVP of Super Bowl XLIX. I’m not talking about Tom Brady, I’m talking about Left Shark. This lovable dancing sea creature has captured the heart of the world. After sloppily dancing back-up to Katy Perry in the most watched concert of the year, Left Shark has taken to the open waters of the internet and gone viral. Shark Week came early this year. Memes galore have surfaced and hashtags are overflowing in all social media outlets. You got to hand it to the fish, it’s hard to outshine mega diva, Katy Perry, but he managed. The momentum this story has gained you’d think Left Shark was Janet Jackson’s nipple. In Left Shark we have a more family friendly half-time show blunder. In addition to being an online sensation, Left Shark appeared on the “Late, Late Show” with guest host John Mayer. Mayer attempted to interview both sharks, but, alas, they don’t talk. Just dance. 3-D printed Left Sharks were being sold (at least until the manufacturer received a cease and desist letter from Camp Perry). An Indiegogo campaign started raising money for the environment by selling Left Shark stickers, suit patterns, and costumes. Environmentalist David Lam who started the campaign is donating 100% of the funds raised to several organizations like WWF and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Left Shark has contributed to helping Lam raise over $45,000 for environmental causes. Left Shark will also be responsible for what will probably be one of the most popular Halloween costumes come October.

The message I get from the media saturation of Left Shark is that it’s ok to mess up and it’s ok to laugh at yourself. Even if you are a back-up dancer on one of the world’s biggest stages, you can do a few missteps and still come out ok in the end or maybe even better than you’d thought (like a viral meme). Everyone has love for Left Shark and that shows our humanity. We can all relate to failing and Left Shark shows us not to let it get us down. Just be you, left or right, shark or human, back-up dancer or inept hoofer. We are all human. We are all flawed. We are all Left Shark.

originally published at collective lifestyle 2.9.2015


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