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throwback: secret film festival

Secret Film Festival: The Ultimate Movie Marathon The independent movie theater in my town puts on an annual Secret Film Festival. Their tagline is “the titles are secret, the awesomeness is not.” The itinerary is movie after movie from midnight … Continue reading

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throwback: harper lee

Harper Lee’s Return Book nerds everywhere are rejoicing. A mysterious discovery has been made worthy of its own literary telling. Harper Lee wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” in the 1950’s. It is her only published … Continue reading

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“rad women worldwide” book review

“rad women worldwide” written by kate schatz and illustrated by miriam klein stahl 4 stars this beautiful book is filled with inspirational stories. there was not one that i wasn’t completely fascinated by. most of them moved me to tears. … Continue reading

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throwback: holiday reading

Holiday Reading The lists of holiday movies that surface every year are abundant and a bit redundant. There are some great Christmas books out there that will be a fresher holiday leisure activity than watching “Home Alone” for the thousandth … Continue reading

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the x-files project: 5.12

the x-files season 5, episode 12, “bad blood” aired: 2.22.98 “bad blood” is many philes’ favorite episode including one of the show’s stars, gillian anderson. it’s not hard to see why, it’s a well-written, well-acted episode. the x-files isn’t really known … Continue reading

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