bates motel

bates motel deservedly won best drama series in the tell tale tv awards along with vera farmiga as best lead actress, freddie highmore as runner up for best lead actor (robbed imo), nestor carbonell for best supporting actor, and normero for best ship! the show and its actors are seriously lacking in award recognition. how they have not gotten truckloads of awards and nominations, i have no idea. it’s criminal, really.

i reviewed the fifth and final season of the show for just about write. following are links to those reviews. obviously there are spoilers, so beware, but what are you even doing? go watch the show! it’s truly one of the best.

5.1 “dark paradise”
-“everything i love about bates motel — and the entire psycho franchise, actually — is in this episode.”

5.2 “the convergence of the twain”
-where i make a bunch of titanic references

5.3 “bad blood”
-bad blood all the way, motherfuckers!

5.4 “hidden”
-max thieriot, the show’s dylan massett, directs this beautiful and dark episode.
-i gave freddie highmore my mvp for this week. you can read my praise here.

5.5 “dreams die first”
-nestor carbonell, alex “i’m a unicorn” romero, directs this introduction to marion crane played by rihanna.
-i am still annoyed with my mistake of calling dr. edwards “dr. adams.”

5.6 “marion”
-holy plot twist, batman!

5.7 “inseparable”
-when your bff is your dead mom.

5.8 “the body”
-“hun, you are in a big pickle.”
-freddie highmore directs this pickle.

5.9 “visiting hours”
-where dylan is used as an emotional punch bag.

5.10 “the cord”
-a very strong series finale with minimal loose ends and complaints from me.



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