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throwback: football

How I Went From Football Fanatic to Disinterested Non-Viewer I have to admit, I got into football for a boy.  My husband, boyfriend at the time, was an avid NFL watcher. After several of seasons of spending game time apart, … Continue reading

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throwback: introvert/extrovert

The Introvert/Extrovert Relationship There are a lot of silly online quizzes, but the Myers-Briggs Personality quiz is not one of them.  Based on the ideas founded by legendary psychiatrist, Carl Jung, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personal assessment of … Continue reading

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throwback: national theater live

National Theater Live Have you ever wanted to see a play on the London stage or see one of your favorite actors on Broadway? National Theater Live has given you that opportunity. All over the world, and quite possibly in … Continue reading

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throwback articles

i wrote quite a bit of articles for this online magazine, collective lifestyle. they became focused on their retail store and branding or something totally random and i kind of lost interest. i am going to transfer my articles here … Continue reading

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my uncle glen

let me tell you about my uncle glen.  first of all, he’s a freaking rocket scientist.  that’s not a metaphor for being smart, he actually is a rocket scientist, for his job.  he plays the saxophone and is in a … Continue reading

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i am a writer.

one of the most wonderful moments happened to me yesterday. i attended the first screening of the santa cruz surf film festival. i was given tickets to cover the festival for collective lifestyle. i had been corresponding with the the … Continue reading

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top five memories with my mom

today is my sweet mom’s birthday.  she is unique and funny and caring and supportive. everything a mom should be and much more.  we have had so many good times since i was growing up and now as my son … Continue reading

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